The Weekend Files: 06.10.2022


Tonight I’ll spend my bread, tonight
I’ll lose my head, tonight
I’ve got to get to night
Monday I’ll have Friday on my mind

The Easybeats: “Friday On My Mind”
– Writers: Harry Vanda & George Young
– Billboard US #16, 1967

A big, honkin’, Hello, Hooray to all! Welcome to the Weekend Wrap-Up!

It’s always great to have you along for the ride here at The Weekend Files.

Before we begin, I need to address last week’s rather unfortunate attempt at humor by one of our staff. And, please be advised: this isn’t one those sorry-not-sorry kind of deals that seem to have become the norm. We totally own up to it – after all, when a problem comes along, you must whippet. While trying to be funny, we clearly hit a rough pooch. It was, fur real, a serious faux-paw, and we’re feeling melancollie about the whole thing. Umm… something something Eukanuba… and let me just say –

Oof. Seriously? That was at least three times more offensive than my Pomeranian joke.
But I still love you. Carry on, Dad.

OK. Clearly, I owe you all one. While I’m filling out the paperwork, have a look at the news of the week, in a weird triangley bullet point style:

Anything different this week? Oh, you know… just seven new articles! We’re on fire! But to stretch the metaphor… we can always use more kindling. If you’ve considered writing for us, take the plunge and hit me up at with your articles and ideas, and join in the fun of seeing your byline, Up Front.

Incoming! Traffic, that is… We’re popping up all over the interwebs, with mentions on Twitter, Facebook, and other sites. Thanks so much for name-dropping and referring to both your IRL and online friends. We’re on a roll – the holy grail can’t be far away.

As always, please enjoy using using the “The Weekend Files” comment section below for anything that you want to chat about, 24/7, all the livelong day.

And now, here’s our weekly recap of recent cool stuff that you may have missed…

This Past Week’s New Articles

The only thing cooler than a Debut Contributing Author… is a Debut Series. Friend Ozmoe’s second piece for was a doozy – the first episode of a deep (cliff) dive that remembers the best Songs Of Summers past. Deploying a patented time-leaping scheme, Ozmoe began his adventure in 1984. He promises to surprise us all every Monday, as he deftly zips back, forth, and sideways through the years. Scott Bakula himself phoned in to say that he was pretty impressed. As are we.

Talk about concise and useful: Contributing Author Phylum Of Alexandria offered a perfect primer for the discovery of classical music. Thanks to our dependable scribe’s good advice, I feel like I now have a logical roadmap for an informed look into a timeless musical genre. Judging by the many kind comments about the article, many of you agree. We appreciated the education provided by PoA’s excellent piece.

So, how was your mid-week? Things starting to get a bit stressy? I hear you. And I have a cure better than acetaminophen or chamomile tea: a relaxing seaside tour from Contributing Author and JJ Live At Leeds. While it’s not likely that I’ll ever get to visit Druridge Bay, I now can at least say that I’ve had a nice introduction. And, by the way, I’ve noticed that whenever I read articles by JJ, I swear I can feel my systolic number plummet to a medically acceptable level. Thanks, mate, and if you are so inclined, keep ’em coming.

Thursday brought us a fun little broadcasting tidbit from the past by Contributing Author Chuck Small. If you’re a {lower case ‘r’} radiohead like me, you remember the “call letter drop-ins” of the late 70s. It was a silly and perhaps sneaky way to stand apart from the competition. When it comes to documenting and describing these kinds of scan-the-dial memories, we’d all agree that nothing compares 2… Chuck.

For lots of reasons, many of us haven’t been visiting the local cinema as often as we did in the past. On Thursday, Contributing Author cappiethedog made the situation just a little bit better as he took us on another of his song-meets-film journeys. I always learn something new in his pieces, not only about the movie, but the music that cappie weaves in and out of his article. Another fascinating take – thank you again for the unique insights.

And Chuck Small was back on Friday for an encore. He had some emotional thoughts about pride, acceptance and dignity that can ring true for anyone who’s ever felt like an outlier – and needed to summon the courage and self-confidence to do something about it. Words – and deeds – to live by, every day. Good on you.

TGIF. And TGIVD. In fact, WWVDD? Stop me before I initialize again… Contributing Author Bill Bois brought out the fretboard charts in another of his awesome Theoretically Speaking: Music Theory For Non-Musicians articles. I’m beginning to worry a little bit about the final exam, but knowing our benevolent host, I’ll be that it will be open-book, and generously graded on a curve. No matter – we’re all learning, and having an absolute blast with this series.

Site Stuff:

  • The feature that tells you who upvoted your comment was working intermittently, but I think it’s fixed for good.

  • How’m I doin? Is the site loading and responding fast enough? Any major fails? Looking good on desktop, tablet, and mobile? Please let me know what you like, hate or would like to see for your best viewing experience. Feedback is appreciated and respected.
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• Any suggestions for channels? Content? Cool features? General mayhem?

I want this to be your place. Tell me how to make it better.

Thank you so much for your support and kind comments about the site. I’m impossibly lucky to be able to hang with all of you. Have a great weekend, please be careful, take good care of yourselves and each other…

.. and good on you all.

– mt58



Your grateful host. Good on you all.

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Famed Member
Online Now
June 10, 2022 3:37 pm

WWVDD? Honestly, I have no idea what I’d do. If you know what I’d do, please don’t tell me. I prefer to be surprised.

The site is working really well, mt58. I’ve been reading it using my laptop but I tried it on my phone today and it works well there, too. I need to rethink my graphics, though. Some of them get too small to read on a phone.

And kudos to all the contributors. Great stuff! Every day this week has been brighter thanks to your work.

Pauly Steyreen
Famed Member
Pauly Steyreen
Online Now
June 11, 2022 10:42 pm
Reply to  Virgindog

Whatever it is, it would be cool as fuck!

JJ Live At Leeds
Famed Member
June 10, 2022 5:11 pm

Things I learnt today = what a systolic number is. All thanks to our gracious host mt!

A week of two halves. 1st half no work for me, fun all the way with the family at the seaside / 2nd half way too much work, they saved me up a whole heap of not fun to get through that’s gonna take me at least another week to catch up with. But thats to worry about on Monday. First its the weekend and Saturday its the Long Division music festival. A small scale city based festival held across 9 small venues all within a 7 minute walk ranging from 60 person capacity to 700.

Other than Sea Power and Field Music I have no idea who is playing. Looking forward to just drifting venue to venue and seeing what happens.

And maybe a bit of writing. At the start of the week I was thinking I’d run out of ideas. And then a whole host of thoughts hit me. I’ll see where they lead…..

Happy trails folks.

Famed Member
June 10, 2022 5:43 pm

Thank you, mt58. It’s fun having a byline.

Famed Member
June 10, 2022 6:06 pm


Another great week on I’ve been ill so I haven’t commented on all the articles (and burgeoning questions for Professor Dawg, DMA on his series), but eventually I will.

Enjoy your weekend!

Famed Member
June 12, 2022 6:54 pm

One last detail I couldn’t add to my essay was that Isle of Dogs came out the same year as Yoko Ono’s Warzone. Late in the film, you see Professor Assistant Yoko Ono administering shots to the dogs. Anderson, I think, is giving Ono her due. He gave Ono agency over “Imagine”. The serum is “Imagine”.

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