The Weekend Files: 09.02.2022


Your lips are mine on Friday night
The next two days you hold me tight
But when it’s done, you always run, and I’m alone.
Will you be staying after Sunday, or go home on Monday?

The Peppermint Rainbow: Will You Be Staying After Sunday
Songwriters: Al Kasha & Joel Hirschhorn

Billboard Hot 100 #32 – May 1969

A big, Friday Howdy, to all! Welcome to the Weekend Wrap-Up!

Every week, I marvel at the deft wordsmithery presented in our odd little corner of the intertubes. And that’s not only from our beloved Contributing Authors, but by our equally adored Commentariat, as well.

“You and me both. Although, in full disclosure:
I also swoon at “fetch” or “stay,” so, there’s that.”

It’s all good, dog. You still have the best canine word comprehension abilities that we’ve ever seen.

Anyway, the point is: this is as good of a place as any…

to shoehorn in… yet another edition of:

The Vocabulary Challenge! ®™©℠

Um, shoot… hang on a sec.

Gary? Hi, It’s mt. No, I’m still here. I’m in the middle of a “Weekend Files” bit.

Uh, so we had a spiffy new “ Vocabulary Challenge®™©℠” image loaded up on File Server # 4. Really epic. A parody for the ages. Possibly one of our better efforts.

It doesn’t seem to be rendering. Can you please have a look ? See, the thing is, we’re live, and folks are wait-

I’m busy. Submit a ticket. You’ll get an email in a few days.

OK, sorry about that. Maybe I’ll just dive in: This was from today’s excellent lesson de la semaine from our euphoniously harmonic Professor Bill Bois:

There ya go. Cool word, or what?

Now, you all have a full, glorious weekend to crowbar in “nasality” into a conversation. When in between bites at your cookout, if you can try to check in on Monday and let us know how you did, that would be equally glorious.

As always: there is no actual prize, except for those always-delicious comment section bragging rights. The decision of who had the most imaginative usage and most creative scenario is up our volunteer judge, whose decision is final.

Like I don’t already have enough to do. Maybe I’d like a day off, too?

Great. I’m violation of Rule # 27 of Startup Websites: Never make the IT people mad.

Wait until I tell him about the Thanksgiving Week schedule…

But, hey, it’s Friday ! Let’s do this! Here’s our weekly recap of recent cool stuff that you may have missed…

This Past Week’s New Articles:

That feeling when a favorite TV show is starting to wind up? That was how we felt on Monday, when Contributing Author Ozmoe came by to serve up the next-to-last latest installment of his awesome series, The Songs Of The Summer…

And on Tuesday: Contributing Author and Tastemaker Both Grouse treated us to a double-play edition with his newest, excellent piece for our series, What Makes For The Perfect Song?

Where women glow and men plunder…midweek? You betcha. Globetrotter extraordinaire JJ Live At Leeds brought the cute little spiders and snakes mice in his latest installment of This Wasn’t In The Brochure.

Served up on Thursday was the middle episode of The Karaoke Diaries from our own vocal dynamo Aaron3000

And, on Friday, a two-fer: Contributing Author Bill Bois, was in full swing, providing a scholorly dissertion about country music in S2 | E2 of Theoretically Speaking: Music Theory For Non-Musicians

… and we sweetly ended the week with notes on vicarious parenthood from our reflective friend and Contributing Author Chuck Small.

• Hey, when you hang with us, off and on during the weekend, it makes our day! Visit and tell us what’s up, here at The Weekend Files, or in any of our articles.

And remember: please continue to send your ideas for articles to . Everyone is welcome to write an article. Need some encouragement? Hit me up!

Thank you so much for your support and kind comments about the site. I’m impossibly lucky to be able to hang with all of you. Have a great weekend, please be careful, take good care of yourselves and each other…

…and good on you all.

– mt58


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Your grateful host. Good on you all.

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Famed Member
Online Now
September 2, 2022 6:53 pm

I wasn’t planning to go anywhere special this weekend, so I’ll have to slip in a “nasality” or two when talking with the lovely Ms. Virgindog. I shall notate her reactions.

Nice job as always, mt58. Have a great weekend, everybody!

Pauly Steyreen
Famed Member
September 2, 2022 8:36 pm

Final (?) Nepal story coming to you soon, mt. Working on it this weekend. (Last one at the mother ship will post on Monday.)

We’re under record heat wave conditions. Combined with continuing drought and wildfires ramping up, I’m anticipating these conditions combining to impose a certain nasality in my voice. (Needs work, I know…)

JJ Live At Leeds
Famed Member
September 3, 2022 3:24 am

Last weekend of the school summer holidays here then we’re back to the usual routine from Monday. Unlike some of the parents I work with who seem to treat it as sweet relief to have the kids out of their hair I still see it from the point of view of young JJ who loved the 6 week stretch of freedom from school and still gets a kick out of taking time off for adventures with mini J.

We also get to find out who our new PM is on Monday. Will it be Liz (yes), will it be Rishi (no)? Unless something has gone drastically wrong with the opinion polls its a foregone conclusion. And how are we all feeling at the prospect of our brave new world? Underwhelmed may be the kindest way of putting it. If you’re lucky (or maybe that should say unlucky) I’ll give her a few days to bed in and tell us her exciting plans for how to prevent the financial ruin and environmental apocalypse of the nation and then try and sum it all up in an entirely impartial write up.

Famed Member
September 4, 2022 1:44 pm

She voted “remain”, but now if she could do it all over again, she’d vote “leave”, and people just forget that? From the articles I read in The Economist, I would vote for the person whose position was the other way around.

Noble Member
September 4, 2022 10:10 am

I mentioned this on this week’s SUD, but I’m happy to report I got a new job! Not retail!!! It’s essentially going to be an office position at a car dealership. I’m going to be working with two other women, who I’ve already met and are super nice.

I probably would have put my nose to the grindstone in applying elsewhere regardless, but I just want to give a shout-out to you all at TNOCS for being a hive of support the past year. It’s helped more than you know.

Noble Member
September 4, 2022 11:59 am
Reply to  mt58

Thanks, mt! This has definitely been a long time coming.

And that’s not to say I won’t miss certain co-workers at retail place of employment. They did make the overall experience slightly less unbearable.

As for the job itself, well…I don’t have too many nice things to say about it. So it’s:

Last edited 1 year ago by shadowboxer122
Famed Member
September 6, 2022 3:36 pm
Reply to  shadowboxer122

Hooray shadow!!!! So happy your hard work on the job search paid off. Fingers crossed its a much more enjoyable environment to work in.

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